I AM Divine

Full Blue MoonTonight is the Full Blue Moon, and my mind has been all over the place. Distracted with questions I already know positive answers to, clouded by emotions from my haunting past, and jabs of insecurities that no longer serve me. Coming into 2013 has been the hardest transition of my life, I know I’m not alone, and the work has just begun.

This weeks goal: Stay focused and disciplined towards my self-care and self-love practices. 

Because I am a unique being of sorts, I have adjusted my spiritual practices to serve my multidisciplinary interests and needs. Therefore, ranging from daily to monthly, my spiritual practices include the following: prayer, singing, writing, cooking, gardening, quality time with my Bella, dancing, meditating, running, yoga, swimming, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, etc. When I feed my creative spirit intently with these activities, I am in my highest and happiest state of being.

It is in these moments of my life where I can naturally take a deep breathe in….arms to the sky…. exhale….ahhhhh pure gratitude. I have also taken it upon myself to look at my list of strengths and weaknesses daily.  Then, I pick one weakness to “practice”; such as, patience, trust, compassion, unconditional love, and listening.  We all know the saying, “practice makes perfect”. I think, if we  truly care about being our highest selves then it will take practice too! If you find this to be a constant, and self-structured guide- please by all means use this method for yourself!

This brings me to Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge! I have been following, and I am so thankful to have a guide through these new transformations and in the re-creating of MY relationship with MYSELF and others. Since coming to Canada, I have been going through intense healing and in a short few months, I have come so far. Although the work is never really done, I am proud of the strength I’ve gained by leaving the comfort of my friends and family in the Midwest to explore my own interests, skills, and talents. Sometimes the hardest things are exactly what we need, when we need it most importantly.

Here are a few outlets I follow regularly that you may also find helpful:

Tom Lescher Astrology Forecasts/Pele Reports

Mystic Mamma

Brave Archer Films Documentary- 2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning

With profound appreciation, joy, and gratitude for the people around me and experiences I’ve faced, I would like to now include an Honorable Mention. The people listed below are relationships I have developed over the years that have truly shaped who I am. I want to honor you for truly being inspirational, and showing me unconditional love that transcends time and place. Because of the Divinity within you, I AM Divine.  Thank you!!!!

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order):

Lavonna Davis

Selika Ducksworth-Lawton

Diane Roberts

Maegan Boss

Sassan Zaker

Emily Baugus

Reed Grimm

Alexia Larson

Shannon Pitzele

Jennelle Donnay

Jesse Dixon

Allie Farnhammer

Craig Rice

Adrian Larkin

Kristina Kelly

Sophie LeCorre

Beth Inman

Rachel Francois

Kaila Sanders

Emma Richerson

Helen Widdicombe

Pia Bayetti

Bri Smith

Britt Smith

Brittany Schoenick

Jeff Bailey

Michael Olson

Emily Peterson

Casie Lamorie

Tyler Baumgart

Brooke Colby

David Olson

Chad Walters

Susannah Tedesco

Sara Pisa

Mikayla Shroeder

Dirk Gibbs

Nick Schultz

Abby GiggleGypsy

Harry Philburt

Janani Logendran

Carly Clemurphy

Mark Levandoski

Mary Levandoski

Tania Halbersma

Zach Liebenstein

Blake Auler-Murphy

Melissa Hartung

Holly Stro

Heather Boritzke

The list could go on forever! Not trying to leave anyone out, but really just wanted to shine some light and love on you all! Happy Full Blue Moon Friends, may your transformations be challenging so we can grow into our highest selves together!


❤ Namaste


The New Rules to “Higher Education”

I’ve come to the point where I can’t sleep because my mind is racing with innovative ideas. For me, the best method of expression, is writing everything down and making structure of whats going on in my brain. No, I’m probably not your average full-time student, working two-jobs, all in between an internship and some kind of social life. But with a lot of practice at this college thing, Im able to process what I want for my future, imagine what it will take to get there, and create my own destiny.

You see, four years at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, studying Broadcast Journalism with a minor of Environment, Society, and Culture, was more than a defiant experience in my history. Not because my  Advisor told me, “If you think you will ever make a change in the television industry, you’re in for a rude awakening”. But it was like magic when I realized that I had the passion, educational tools, talent, and natural intelligence to go against assumptions made of my capability.  I decided I would make the change I wanted to see in the world, and I would do it on my own terms.

So I stopped trying to convince myself I needed some type of corporate career to be successful, and I used my life, with positive mentors and friends around me, as a new higher education. I pursued my hobby of writing music again, and I emerged myself in the local music scene. Almost instantaneously, I moved to the Twin Cities, transferred to McNally Smith College of Music, and started working with the non-profit, Environment Minnesota.

As If my heart always knew I would eventually, “come home”, I was welcomed with open arms by other amazing, talented, and aspired people, who enjoy the same pleasures the cities in the Midwest have to offer- Art, Culture, History, Food, and Music. I am learning from great people in the industry, and I can see clearly ahead to where this path will take me!

I’m currently  in the process of  combining my world experience with my education. I have tapped into the resource in my mind that holds imagination, creativity, love, and humanitarianism. All the work I’m putting into releasing a demo, establishing a band, and starting a non-profit, is for the greater good and comes from the most genuine place. My question is, “What happened to the Talented Tenth”?

As I move forward, I would like to focus my purpose with a deeper responsibility. I have been strongly influenced by a recent TED Talk I watched titled, “Ken Robinson Says School Kills Creativity”. I encourage people watch it, because he goes under the surface about our education system; for example he discusses the hierarchy of subjects taught  in concurrence with industrialism, the education system is focused on university acceptance, and that intelligence is diverse, dynamic, and distinct.

I think, people will resort to new experiences for education. Since we don’t know what’s going to happen in five years, its undeniable that degrees aren’t the most important criteria for having a successful career. Experience, skills, image, professionalism and networking is what employers are looking for, and gives a fresh perspective on how you should pursue a career.

Robinson says, “I believe the only hope for the future is to adopt a new conception of human ecology. One in which we start to reconstitute our conception of the richness of human capacity. Our education system has mind our minds in the way we have strip mined the earth for particular commodity.  And for the future, it won’t service.  We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we’re educating our children.”

Ken Robinson says school kills creativity

S/O to #TeamDanami

ImageI want to take a hot minute to give a shout out to Danami and his crew! Danami has been a great mentor, friend, and example of how to get do the music business thing right. Originally from Detroit, MI, Danami is a songwriter, hip-hop recording artist who inspires and motivates through speeches, music, panels, and lifestyle. Non-profit organizations, schools, and correctional facilities also routinely recruit him for his services. (http://www.danamionline.com/outreach/)

Danami really caught my eye when he launched his Kickstarter Campaign in August 2011 for his album, Delayed Gratification.His campaign goal was to raise $3,000 in 60 days to cover recording and promotion costs for the album and received contributions from 76 people.  This is a perfect example of how new age technology can jump start an entrepreneurs’ career.

Being a hip-hop artist that values quality over quantity, Danami found that he was faced with the challenge of keeping his existing fans engaged while taking the necessary time to create a new product. Danami is aided by his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business when coming up with marketing strategies, and how to utilize media outlets to increase a following.  By using social media, and other online outlets on a regular basis, Danami is able to engage his existing fans, attract new fans, as well as improve the quality of content he releases.  For example, Danami uses his personal website as a “hub” for his media content; such as his YouTube videos, Flickr pictures being directly uploaded to his website immediately when posted.  Danami looks at social media sites as tools to keep the interactions betweens fans ongoing, and is selective on the content that shared with Facebook, and Twitter through “Selective Tweets”; an application that allows you to selectively choose tweets are shared on Facebook.  This is a strategy he uses because both social mediums are very different and sometimes content isn’t appropriate for both.  On his website, Danami effectively uses Fan Mail for disclosures more personal than what is appropriate on social media, and has branded his fans as #TeamDanami.  It’s a great way to invite people to events, hangouts, and is a platform to do special give ways that really make a fan feel up-to-date, and connected with an artist.

Danami really put his online media strategies to test when he went on the South By Southwest tour through McNally Smith College of Music.  Danami did performances at schools, and venues in different states all the way to Austin and back.  After his performances, he would acquire 3-5 new fans/followers if not more.  He built relationships with new fans, and kept nurturing that relationship throughout the tour with his media content.  For example, at the end of every day, Danami would write a journal entry reflecting on the events in that day.  This was a great way to keep fans from home informed on the success of his tour, and new fans were able to see how he engaged in other cities.  It also kept the content of his media current, consistent, and of quality.  His strategies have proven to be successful by his use of thought leadership, and quality content through his media content. Danami’s future releases, and endeavors are sure to have a positive reaction online because of the strong web presence he has already created and works towards maintaining. If your looking for new creative examples on spicing up your media presence, I hope you have been taking notes. 😉