Mikel Wright and the Wrongs – CD Release!

Released July 20th 2012

Last night, July 20th 2012, marked one of the best CD Release parties of the summer! A night filled with familiar faces, and friendly greetings, it was no doubt a great success. Mikel Wright and the Wrongs released their album “We Get Down”, and there was a big dance party, as expected!

One of the best things about the MidWest Music Scene is the deep-rooted, collaborative community that is found here. Mikel Wright demonstrated this type of community perfectly with his opening bands!   For example, Dj Nimo Thehooligan, Duenday, Down Lo, and P.B. & The Jam.  He took the event to a different level by having special guests super jam during each set! Special guests included, Big Zach of Kanser and More Than Lights, Mammoth Jackson, Culture Cry Wolf,  Sine Circle, Tom Alane from Circle of Heat, Mark Joseph from Mark Joseph Project and Down Lo, Sean Anonymous, not to mention, Reed Grimm and Ben Peterson from Shoeless Revolution.  This was a great way to mass support local artists, and the perfect place to do it- The Twin Cities.

Beyond the special experience of being surrounded by such wonderful musicians, collaboration is the leading theme for Mikel Wright’s album, “We Get Down”. Mikel Wright & The Wrongs first broke onto the Minneapolis Music scene in 2007.  The currently tour the MidWest and play at multiple music festivals. Together Mikel and the Wrongs are continually creating a sound of their own. Mikel has the vocal depth of an old blues man with the heart of a twenty-two year old musician. His dynamic voice enforced by the talented band creates a unique funk-filled reggae rock sound that is one of a kind. The bands charismatic rhythms and fascinating lyrics are guaranteed to captivate any audience.

Mikel Wright and the Wrongs’ live shows are always a treat! Fun and interactive, Mikel has a whole “Wrongs Family” that he plays with on different nights at different shows! If you would like to know more information about the “Wrongs Family” check out their info! But no matter who plays, its that kind of music that revives your soul in just one night! Their positive message is refreshing after a long week!

Make sure to follow Mikel Wright & The Wrongs on Facebook, and Twitter, and for more information on the album and band members check their BandCamp.


Sine Circle “Aqueous” – Album Review

Releases July 27th!

I’m extremely happy for the opportunity to take a sneak-peak-preview of Sine Circle’s new album, “Aqueous”! Starting from the first song, it took me on a visual journey. “Aqueous”, is primarily instrumental with concepts that make a unique impression in the world of Contemporary Music. Each song was present with depth, irony, and a melted sense of culture. Of course, I’m going to tell you my favorites, but first, who is Sine Circle?!

Sine Circle is a member of Last Triumph. A collective of artists, musicians, dancers, designers, photographers, producers, chefs, skateboarders, graffiti artists, and engineers, Last Triumph is paving a revolutionary road in the heart of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Sine Circle was founded by a dear friend, talented percussionist, and skilled producer, Sassan Zaker!

Founder of Sine Circle

Sassan is relentlessly attempting to discover an elevated future sound while blending organic musical elements. “Aqueous”, is a great example of the musical sophistication Sine Circle has to offer. “Aqueous” is releasing on July 27th 2012, on iTunes, BandCamp, Amazon, and in stores for only $5.99.  It will also be available to listen to for free on Spotify. You should also follow Sine Circle on Twitter, and Facebook!

As a singer/songwriter of lyrics, my composition process is quite different from that of a musical producer. I would like to give respectful credit for the concepts derived within this album. Creative energy flowed from song to song, and took me to a place that lyricism never has. Visions filled my  mind with each concept, and it was a smooth experience that captured my senses.

My top three favorite songs are Chase the Sunset, The Origin and The Evolution, and Roots and Wires because of the way they mesmerize. I imagined incredible things inspired by their individualism. Music truly is life, and I love those moments when music can make you feel emotions so real.  “Aqueous” spoke to me, in what seemed like another language, but one I needed to try to find the right words to describe. I also loved the instrumentation of the wooden flute throughout the album. It has a scent of husk, with an organically-ambient character; similar to the ambience of candle light. I can see myself listening to this album doing just about anything, and will on repeat! Thank you, Sine Circle, for sharing your heart through music!

If you’re just as excited now for this album, take a sneak peak on their recently released video below!

Ital Fury

Roots Rock Entertainment is getting ready to release the album of their first artist, Ital Fury, by September 2012.  I am honored to be getting the album early, so look for my album review!

I heard about Ital Fury through Heshima Selassie at McNally Smith College of Music.  Dread heads seem to have a special language with one another, and we met over the common exchange, “I see you dready!”  Both sharing a passion for Reggae, this Roots Reggae artist is on the forefront in the evolution of reggae music, which may even become a new genre of this powerful music called Progressive Reggae. Its thick in the tradition of reggae music, but has a distinct musical arrangement and it’s own new refreshing sound. This Roots Rock Entertainment artist is on the rise on the reggae music scene, bringing positive vibes and lyrics to the world. GET FAMILIAR!!!

Ital Fury is a group has a very old school reggae sound with a new school twist. The songs are passionate and lyrically crisp, the foundation members of the group are Heshima Selassie, and the Nicholson Brothers (Wonder Twins) Richard and Chris.

Yesterday, Heshima shared with me the newest song/video they more recently released.  It was inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin.  Check it out and let them know what you think of it on Twitter!

S/O to #TeamDanami

ImageI want to take a hot minute to give a shout out to Danami and his crew! Danami has been a great mentor, friend, and example of how to get do the music business thing right. Originally from Detroit, MI, Danami is a songwriter, hip-hop recording artist who inspires and motivates through speeches, music, panels, and lifestyle. Non-profit organizations, schools, and correctional facilities also routinely recruit him for his services. (http://www.danamionline.com/outreach/)

Danami really caught my eye when he launched his Kickstarter Campaign in August 2011 for his album, Delayed Gratification.His campaign goal was to raise $3,000 in 60 days to cover recording and promotion costs for the album and received contributions from 76 people.  This is a perfect example of how new age technology can jump start an entrepreneurs’ career.

Being a hip-hop artist that values quality over quantity, Danami found that he was faced with the challenge of keeping his existing fans engaged while taking the necessary time to create a new product. Danami is aided by his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business when coming up with marketing strategies, and how to utilize media outlets to increase a following.  By using social media, and other online outlets on a regular basis, Danami is able to engage his existing fans, attract new fans, as well as improve the quality of content he releases.  For example, Danami uses his personal website as a “hub” for his media content; such as his YouTube videos, Flickr pictures being directly uploaded to his website immediately when posted.  Danami looks at social media sites as tools to keep the interactions betweens fans ongoing, and is selective on the content that shared with Facebook, and Twitter through “Selective Tweets”; an application that allows you to selectively choose tweets are shared on Facebook.  This is a strategy he uses because both social mediums are very different and sometimes content isn’t appropriate for both.  On his website, Danami effectively uses Fan Mail for disclosures more personal than what is appropriate on social media, and has branded his fans as #TeamDanami.  It’s a great way to invite people to events, hangouts, and is a platform to do special give ways that really make a fan feel up-to-date, and connected with an artist.

Danami really put his online media strategies to test when he went on the South By Southwest tour through McNally Smith College of Music.  Danami did performances at schools, and venues in different states all the way to Austin and back.  After his performances, he would acquire 3-5 new fans/followers if not more.  He built relationships with new fans, and kept nurturing that relationship throughout the tour with his media content.  For example, at the end of every day, Danami would write a journal entry reflecting on the events in that day.  This was a great way to keep fans from home informed on the success of his tour, and new fans were able to see how he engaged in other cities.  It also kept the content of his media current, consistent, and of quality.  His strategies have proven to be successful by his use of thought leadership, and quality content through his media content. Danami’s future releases, and endeavors are sure to have a positive reaction online because of the strong web presence he has already created and works towards maintaining. If your looking for new creative examples on spicing up your media presence, I hope you have been taking notes. 😉