The War of Art

Abundant Love Flows From Within

Abundant Love Flows From Within

The years 2012/2013 can be described as magnified milestones in my life that have allowed me to gain higher ground and higher consciousness. This is one chapter, of an even longer journey, that signifies my capability to be accountable. It is only I who can make the necessary changes in my life in order for my happiness, love, and compassion to flow freely, and abundantly!

My New Year’s Resolution for 2013 was to live and love more, and let go of fear. After some serious brainstorming and list creating, I reflected on all that I’ve accomplished this year. I left a serious relationship; I graduated after 5 ½ years of University, packed my dog and I then up and moved to Canada! I am learning major life lessons of unconditional love and compassion; I reserved a spot for this spiritual quest, regained independence and discipline towards my self-practices, and have committed to the consistency of a happy and healthy livelihood. I’ve seen my light and love make this world a better place, and I don’t want to live it any other way.

The War of Art represents my worst enemy, that whom is thyself. If I am to be accountable, then no longer will I stand in my own way. In the past year, I have lost 50 lbs by changing my eating habits, eating organic and homemade meals, and regular exercise. I know me. I know me around the holidays. I know that I cannot resist all the amazing sweets and overindulging. In fact, I’ve already fallen off track, and there’s nothing more disappointing when you disappoint yourself. I have committed to Michelle Greenman’s Loose Weight, Gain Health challenge, will blog each week with my new assignment, and push past my plateau this winter!

This week’s goal was to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day! I feel good becoming more focused, and taking control over the aspects of my life I want to improve. I am back and ready. I also recognize that the changes I want to make are life-long goals and not going to change over night! I am looking forward to honing this new chapter, and sharing it with all of you!

So in honor of the new changes, and letting go of the past and any fear I’ve been conditioned to… Here is the final song off my newest demo, Accelerated Healing!  Enjoy 🙂